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Welcome to Gumbo PAC

Gumbo PAC is a non-partisan clearinghouse of information focused on educating Louisiana voters about U.S. Senator David Vitter's disgraceful public record. As a career politician (Vitter has held public office since 1991) there are facts voters don’t know – but need to know – about David Vitter before making their vote choice in October.

The election for Governor finds Louisiana at a critical crossroads. Our state faces a budget crisis that threatens the very existence of our higher education and healthcare delivery systems. The sad fact is that a David Vitter Administration would be an even more partisan continuation of the failed policies that have put Louisiana in this dire situation. This reality, coupled with Senator Vitter's long established pattern of reckless public and personal behavior, raises serious concerns with many people throughout Louisiana.

Gumbo PAC is receiving support from people of varied backgrounds, industries, and political philosophies who share the common belief that Louisiana needs responsible leadership. The stakes are simply too high to turn over state government to a public official with Sen. Vitter's reckless, and constantly partisan, brand of public service.

We hope you visit us often as we continue to add more ingredients to Gumbo PAC.

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